Amanda kicks off with some low-pressure news from her family about expectations surrounding family gatherings this year, and your hosts begin mentally preparing for another isolating winter ahead.

Amanda follows up on life with glasses, then life with an iPad. Conversation then turns to the design legacy of the iPod, which helped define the late teen years for both Tyler and Amanda.

Your hosts meander into a reflection on how well-intentioned gestures and gift giving can sometimes awkwardly reveal the limitations of someone's understanding of the "real" us.

Amanda also vents about some complicated feelings after walking into her old place of work and finding an uncanny Amanda doppelgänger at her post.

And if it seemed like things couldn’t get any worse, now Amanda has too many bell peppers.

Tyler talks about being made aware of so many wonderful foods in college, and how culinary exploration was a challenge in his early home life.

(Recorded on Saturday, October 17, 2020)